Hello Again.

Welcome to my new blog, Starlit Wanderings!  Chances are, you already know me, having just come from my old blog, Memoirs of a Tale Weaver.  Now that you’re here, and you read my farewell post there, you’re probably wondering why I decided to create an entirely new blog instead of picking up with my old one.

Really, I have several reasons.  The simplest is my discovery of there being another Taleweaver that had taken the name before I did.  Once I saw this, I knew that I had seen her before, and that I had filed it away in my subconscious only for it to reemerge when I went about titling my blog.  So I was obliged to change both my site and blog name, and wound up with this.

That isn’t my primary reason for the change, though.  The real reason is a more personal one, and one that I’m not certain I can entirely pinpoint.  Truth is, “Memoirs” wasn’t me anymore.  I don’t really know if it ever was in the first place.  It had a bright, beautiful design (many, many thanks to my mom for helping me with it!), and I initially posted there often.  But after my hiatus in mid-July, my posting grew more and more spotty as time went on, until they eventually ceased altogether.  But during my time away, some things began to change for me.  I grew as a person, and started to find new direction in a lot of areas, not just my writing.

I found myself wanting to create a new blog.  I felt like I hadn’t been as real on my old blog as I wanted to be, and I wanted to change that.  In a way, this new blog is a way that I’m committing to being more honest.  It’s a step forward for me, both in my writing career and as a person.

As always, I’ll talk about writing, even though I haven’t gotten far enough in my writing to offer much useful advice.  Instead, I’ll just talk about my progress and struggles and let the rest of you offer input and talk about your own experiences and vent about misbehaving characters/unruly plots/worldbuilding issues/other writerly mayhem. 😛

So, all that being said, welcome to the new blog.  Welcome to my Starlit Wanderings.

Tally ho! ~Natasha.