Of Kitties

Yeeessss, peoples, today we talk about the traditional writerly companion!  Kitty!  The sweet, fluffy, cuddleable bundles of joy!  Or aloofness.  Depends on which kitty we’re talking about.  😜

Believe it or not, though, I wasn’t always a cat person.  I had listened to too much of Daddy’s anti-felineness, so of course there wasn’t anything good that could come out of having a cat.

Then I met a certain orange cat.  And, ever so subtly, my views began to change.

After all, who ever knew a cat could be so charming?  So sarcastic?  So witty?  So dragon-eaten ridiculous you couldn’t help but love him?

Oh yeah.  The other Imps in the room know who I’m talking about.

And for those of you who aren’t Imps (Tales of Goldstone Wood fans), prepare yourselves for a quick education.

The orange cat to whom I am referring is a fey shapeshifter, Sir/Bard/His Eminence Eanrin of Rudiobus.  He’s the snarkiest character Anne Elisabeth has, so of course I love him.  He’s a kitty after my own heart.  But aside from that, he’s…  well…  Basically everything I described above.  He’s fluffy and orange and has just enough sad moments to make my empathy go crazy and enough awkward moments to make him hilarious.

I’ll stop there.  Otherwise this post will get longer than all the appearances he made in the Tales.  For those of you who don’t know, that would be very long.  (Yes, it’s hyperbole, but whatever. 😝)

It started out as just a love of a character.  Then I discovered Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s blog, and I looked at all her adorable post about her kitties (six of them last I checked!  Isn’t she amazing!  The epitome of crazy-writer-cat-lady-ness!), and I started to think, “Awww…..  I want one!”

There was just one problem.

Daddy still hated cats.

Clearly there was nothing to do but to change his mind.

So, unbeknownst even to myself, I designed the foolproof plan that would assuredly turn Daddy into a cat person.




Because how else could I go about convincing Daddy?

Let’s face it, this step wasn’t that hard.  Mom and I are really, really tight.  We’re pretty much two halves of the same brain, so of course I talked to her about the Tales!  I was known to gush on her about them for hours on end, so, naturally, she heard a lot about Eanrin.

I eventually started slipping little comments about wanting a kitty into the conversation.  She wasn’t fooled.  She knew exactly where I was going before I even did.  At first she was like, “Tasha, we already have a dog.  We can’t have a cat.  You know your dad doesn’t like them,” but I got her to soften up.  Soon, I had the next step rolling:



This step was ESSENTIAL to my success.  By watching funny cat videos, I exposed not only Mom, but Daddy as well, to the wonderful, hilarious world of kitties.  This desensitized both of them, opening the doorway for the power of suggestion to work on both of them.


For those of you who don’t know, Blondie is one of my best friends.  I mentioned her on my old blog, Memoirs of a Taleweaver.  It really isn’t a mean nickname, like some people might think it is.  I’m a blonde too, after all. 😉

Honestly, though, I didn’t have that much to do with this step.  My whole family was friends with her whole family, so we went to each other’s houses a lot.  She just so happened to have two kitties, Nala and Mu (“Mu” being short for Mufasa), and Daddy ended up really liking Mu.  He’s this really pretty gray tiger kitty, and my word is he vocal!  He’ll just walk around and meow for no apparent reason, though usually that reason is just because he wants treats.

Anyway, a few funny cat stories came out of hanging out at their place, and Daddy got to liking Mu more…  And more…  And more.  It got to the point where, when he was working at the heavy diesel garage he worked third shift at, he would be telling stories about this cat to his coworkers at something like three o’clock in the morning.

Yes, yes.  My plan was working veeery well at this point.  Daddy began to turn cat person.

This leads to Step #4…..


“It’s just for fun,” both Mom and I said.  “We aren’t actually planning on it.”

Ha.  Haha.  Ha.  Ha.

No, but seriously.  We weren’t lying about it.  We genuinely weren’t seriously looking.


That’s right!  It was quite out of my hands, and Daddy was doing his own research into the matter!  I didn’t need to do anymore convincing!  Only one step was left…



That’s all there was left to do.  Just wait and see if anything would happen.

So I waited.

And I waited.

Really, I didn’t wait much, since it was already November by the time I finished Step #5.

That’s right.  The first kitty came at Christmastime.

The lovely Sidney, aloof ruler of our household, who answers to Kitty-Kitty-Kitty and nothing else.  She’s been here about two years now.

Oh, did I say first kitty?  Well…

Meet Harley.  Yes, as in the motorcycle.  That’s what she sounds like when she purrs.  Though, like Sidney, she probably doesn’t know that’s her name, since she gets called “Baby Girl” all the time.

She was actually an impulse buy.  We were only walking into a Petco to buy some nail clippers for Sidney, since the other pair is stuck in a box somewhere, when, out of habit, we walked over to the kitties they keep there.

As it just so happened, the lady working with the kitties was a full-on crazy cat lady and an extrovert.  The result was that she took Harley and plunked her in Mom’s arms, saying, “Here.”

Mom was immediately in love.  She passed her over to me, and I was no better.  I was actually a little worse.  Then we gave her to Daddy:

Pure.  Adoration.

After a few minutes of deliberating between the parental units, Daddy left to get our kitty carrier, while Mom and I stayed behind to fill out paperwork, then we got to take her home!  After a couple weeks of slow introductions, we got Harley and Sidney to playing.  Playing and otherwise ignoring each other.  As happy a kitty ending as there ever was. 😊

And now the credits in which you are bombarded with photos of my kitties:


My laundry basket is apparently the best place she could find to doze in….  I think it’s best to just not ask……..

My new bookmark, full of sweetness and fuzziness.

She really should be a kitty model.  Just look at those eyes!!!

Selfie time!!!

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight..!”

*dies of sweetness*

*dies of even more sweetness*


As it so happens, my computer bag is also a good place for napping.

The Brown One (Hunter) needed to say hi, too.  Pretty boy.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my babbling!  With any luck, there’s some of you who need the tips on how to secure a kitty, so I hope I helped!  See you in the comments!

Tally ho! ~Natasha.