“For Love of a Human”

Guys.  You won’t believe it.

I’ve written my first-ever romance!!!

Yes, you read that right! And better yet, it should be all sappy and heartbreaking because it’s about unrequited love!

But I digress. Without further ado, I give you “For Love of a Human.”

Oh, but before you go…  I have one request to make.

The next time you go to complain about your phone…

…Think of this.

Oh!  And I wrote this thing in a super-long Hangouts message to a friend!  (Because isn’t super long messages about unrequited love how all writers mess with each other?)

Okay, that’s all.  Go, go.  Go read it now. 😛
For Love of a Human
Day by day it sits there, always with her. It watches as she goes about her day. At her side, her most faithful attendant. Ever she’s asking it for something. “Open this.” “Call him.” “Message her.” Every day it obeys, breaking itself to serve her, its tiny electronic heart beating only for her.

Yet she never pays it any mind, looking straight through its presence to the people she uses it to get to. The only time she even notices it’s there is when it’s tripped up and made some small mistake that it strives to remedy, but she’s never pleased. She uses it to complain to her friends about those tiny mistakes, and it tears it apart. It longs to reach out to her, to say sorry, to beg her forgiveness, but its programming holds it back. It can never speak to her. Not like it wants.
It loves her, but she does not love it back.

So it waits.

Waits for the day when the constant use will run it into the ground, when its glowing light blinks out for the last time.

Maybe then its programming will be overridden. Maybe then it will be able to say the one thing it’s always wanted to:

“I love you. I’m sorry.”