This is Starwater.  It isn’t even to the point of being a story, as it has only a decently well-developed storyworld and a single well-developed character.  It’s still one of my favorite projects, though.  I love the storyworld, and I love the character.  So here they are:

Bits and Pieces of the Storyworld

  • No light from the sky except clouds of starwater.  At its brightest, the world is like one of our twilights.  There’s only the faintest shreds of light resulting from humidity when there’s no clouds.
  • The world is heated by a superhot core and exposed mantle.  Fragments of crust float across it at random, the largest of them half the size of Australia.
  • The only covering for the exposed mantle is the ocean, making them the hottest part of the world.  It is much shallower than our oceans, has a higher evaporation rate, and a higher salinity.
  • Pieces of crust float at different heights across the mantle.  Some are not exposed to air, and are home to cecaelia, half-humans, half-octopi.
  • Pieces of crust that are exposed to air are mostly home to tropical jungles.  Every plant, except for certain types of grasses and mosses, is alive in an animalistic way.  Some are benign, like puppies and kittens.  Others are decidedly less so.  Every tree is a dryad.
  • These dryads are not like typical Greek mythology dryads.  They are body-snatchers.  They take corporeals and extract their minds and use their bodies to harness their thoughts and let them move like normal corporeals. (Corporeals here are any creature that is made of typical flesh and blood.)
  • The weather systems are highly unpredictable due to sylphs constantly stirring them up and shifting them.
  • Sylphs are basically just air with some semblance of consciousness.
  • Sylphs tend to get along pretty well with sirens.
  • Sirens are corporeals much like humans, only with avian features such as wings, multiple lungs, the ability to sing multiple notes at once, and hollow bones.  They tend to lean toward a more artistic lifestyle.
  • Sirens have the special ability to control starwater using their unearthly voices.  They can make it grow brighter and darker using certain pitches and frequencies.  A select few have the ability to single out certain areas of starwater, make them grow hot or cold, and do much, much more than the other sirens.
  • The vrell are another race of corporeals that are basically humans with a few features adapted to the low-light conditions, among other things.  They have a very science-oriented society.
  • One of the vrell’s main cities is one called Akadra, ruled by an oligarchy of scientists.
  • A popular pastime among rich vrell is to keep menageries, sometimes of animals, but other times of unusual people.
  • And much, much more that won’t be told yet for the sake of mystery…

Now the one character:

Allanyie Levrayn

  • She is a siren living in Akadra, born with deformed wings, and allowed to live only until she is twelve years old unless she should prove useful.  If she hadn’t, she would have been given to the dryads as a body for them to take.
  • Her first twelve years were spent working in Akadra’s starwater systems — i.e. she helped keep the city lit even when there wasn’t much starwater in the sky or the atmosphere.
  • She is one of those rare sirens with heightened abilities to control starwater.  She also has intelligence far superior to most others.  She is also extremely cunning and manipulative.
  • The Akadrian government recognized her abilities and put her into a program that put her through rigorous studies to sharpen her intelligence.
  • She was not only a student, however.  She was a test subject.  The Akadrians performed experiments on her and modified her.  By the time she was a young adult old enough to join law enforcement (the career chosen for her), her malformed wings had been amputated, replaced with new wings, and went through several wing upgrades over the years as the scientists learned how to make them more efficient.
  • She also has an implant in her brain that allows the government to override her prefrontal cortex and control her body from there.
  • She has a rebellious streak a mile wide and often goes out of her way to exercise it, resulting in the activation of her control implant.  What her overseers don’t realize is that she’s making them activate it on purpose so she can learn… something that won’t be revealed quite yet.

And there you have it, people!  Everything I’m willing to tell you about my new storyworld and Allanyie for the time being!  I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and tell me what you think!