House of Gold

Do I have any Twenty One Pilots fans present?  If I do, you all probably know the song I’m talking about.  If not, click here to listen to it.

This song gave me the inspiration to write a story that would be very… unusual… for me.

“Unusual,” in this case, just so happens to mean “contemporary.”

“House of Gold” dropped the idea on me all at once, when I was really supposed to be working on some major paper for college.  It started with a really simple concept: a man works to save up money to take his mother on a trip around the world.  From there, my head just kept putting pieces together.  The man’s name is Xavier Blackwell, and his mother’s is Joy.  She is widowed and has always had a major case of wanderlust, but never had the money to do it.  When he was little, Xavier found out about this and decided to start saving up for it.  Now he’s in his thirties, living off of a shred of income from his metalwork and a part-time job working in the little Foodmart deli.  In the wake of his father’s death, though, he’s more determined than ever to make that dream come true for her.  How he’ll do it?  I haven’t decided yet.  It’s still in the brainstorming phase, maybe getting close to plotting.

Fun little tidbit, though: the story is set in Confluence, Pennsylvania, a town I spent three years of my childhood growing up in.  Both of my parents used to work in the Foodmart,  and his mother lives on the tip of a little peninsula created by the confluence (where the town got its name) of the Youghiogheny and Casselman Rivers, in a house very like one I’ve been in once.  In other words, the setting is based almost entirely off of places I’ve been before, and both of my characters have a mix of myself and people I know in them.  In many ways, this is a story where I’m “writing what I know.”  Probably the first time I’ve ever taken that bit of writing advice. :p

Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted on its progress!  Tally ho!