Cover for Guardian

Many thanks to Kol for making me this lovely cover!

In past versions of this, I’ve gone and made some decently-cool sounding “back-cover blurbs,” others decidedly not cool-sounding.  As it stands now, Guardian is either in a state of flux or completely static.  There is no solid plot as of right now, but there are a few characters and elements that seem pretty stable.  So, without further ado, I give you my cast and few story elements.  Enjoy, and tell me what you think!




Image taken from Pinterest — NOT MINE!!!



Eniryt:  He’s a warrior, obviously, for a city-state which I haven’t named yet.  (If you want to have his face, picture Sam Claflin with green eyes and black hair.  I cannot find a guy that works just right for him for the life of me!!!)  He was raised from a child to be the extraordinary warrior he is.  He’s highly skilled in the Mindscape (I’ll get to that later), more so than almost anyone else.  His training from the time he was three years old involved a lot of abuse, which resulted in his bottling up his emotions and not caring about people, so he’s probably at least a little psychopathic, if not extremely so.  He is the protagonist, though — definitely an antihero.



Image taken from Pinterest — NOT MINE!!!


Erynnah: Eniryt’s wife.  Her name is probably gonna change, but she’s the king’s daughter, whom Eniryt chose as his bride when he came home victorious from war.  (They knew each other before, though.  They have a nice little love story.)  By her culture’s standards, she’s quite beautiful, but mad.  No one realizes what happened to her when she was little, the reason she’s so spacey and makes the oddest comments sometimes…

Yavlek: I don’t have another picture for the last character yet.  I haven’t even decided what he’s going to look like, and his name is definitely gonna change, but until I get that figured out, he’s Yavlek.  *eyeroll* Doesn’t it just sound completely villainous?  And that was the original intent…  But I’m feeling a bit subtler these days than I was then, so it’ll change at some point.  Anyway, he’s my antag, and he’s Eniryt and Erynnah’s son, and he was born blind, so he’s extremely bitter and he turns very, very, very bad…

And now the various elements:

The Mindscape: In a few words, “The incorporeal vastness in which all human minds can be found.”  That’s probably how someone is going to describe it in the book, actually.  I’ve had that description floating around my head for a long time now.  Lots of things can be done with it.  You can read people’s minds, phase in and out of it to get places faster, read the contents of tablets and scrolls at a single glance, torture people, kill people…  Plenty of good and plenty of bad, basically.  It’s probably one of the things that features the most strongly in the story.

Immortality: You all know what this is.  Eniryt’s obsessed with it.

Stars: Something about them keeps popping up in Guardian.  It must be their endlessness, how even after thousands of years, they’re still the same stars shining down on the earth.  In a way, they represent immortality.

Loss: It’s tied to immortality.  This story is going to be a painful one to write.

And that’s all you’re getting.  Hope it’s been enough to get you interested in it!  I know I’m really excited for this book, and I hope you all will be, too!