December Recap (Yes, I’m still alive.)

Hello, peoples!!  So sorry I’ve been gone for so long.  The lack of posts points to my obvious lack of getting ahead on posts like I meant to do for NaNo, but too late now.  Just gotta haul myself back onto the bandwagon.  And since I’m writing this at pretty much the last minute I can possibly get it done, there probably aren’t going to be any extra drafts, so I do apologize if this is absolute rubbish. xP

Anyway, the disappearance was mostly because of just having finished my first semester of college instead of NaNo.  NaNo ended one week before my end of semester, and the end of semester with all the stuff I had to do left me wanting to crawl in my introverted hole and not show my face to the rest of the internet world for a solid month, and I did that quite successfully.  I got back to some writing, did more reading than I’ve done in a long time, and did a lot of binge watching of Gilmore Girls.

And, aaaand!!!  One of the books I read was A Time to Rise, so the conversion of this blog to an Out of Time shrine is coming soon, properly soon!  There will probably be several weeks of solid book reviews, and somewhere in there I’ll have to throw in Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s A Branch of Silver, a Branch of Gold.  Sometime after that, I’ll do my review of the Picture of Dorian Gray, because I’m in the middle of reading that one right now, and I’m reeaally enjoying that one.  So yes.  Brace yourselves for book reviews.

Also, for those of you that remember the thing I mentioned that would basically be a flash fiction about Proteus sitting down to tea with the Fates, it’s been put on hold.  I have the basic idea, but have no plot, so whenever I do have a plot, I’ll try something with them.

As for life other than reading/writing endeavors, I had a very nice Christmas with just my parents and me (apart from church, of course.  With my dad being the pastor, we really can’t not show up. xP), a few gifts swapped, and then, AND THEN!!!  We went to see Fantastic Beasts!!!  Ah, I adored it!  Newt and the beasts and… all of it!!  It’s definitely on my list of favorite movies.

That’s about all I really had to say, just a quick status update.  If I disappear again after this, classes start for me on the second, soo that’s why.

Anyway, merry belated Christmas to you all, and happy New Year!  What has your December looked like?  Any plans?  New Years resolutions (I have none. :p)?  See you in the comments!

Tally ho! ~Natasha.


One thought on “December Recap (Yes, I’m still alive.)

  1. FaithSong says:

    Hey, Natasha! Just thought I’d drop in and say happy birthday. xD *salutes* May it be a good one.
    Tally ho!


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