Behold! The Starwater Page Is Up!

Ohhh peeeeeoooooopples!!!  Da-da-daaaaa!  I’ve got a new story page up for your perusal!  I’m rather proud of this one!  I even made the cover for it on my own!  Please check Starwater out!


8 thoughts on “Behold! The Starwater Page Is Up!

  1. Athelas Hale says:

    Oi. 0.0 It looks awesome.

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  2. Gram says:

    Wow, you have really developed this story well since the last time I read the beginning bits and pieces. You have done a great job incorporating the difficulties of the new world environment to make them work together in a homogeneous, understandable way. Keep up the good work!

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  3. FaithSong says:

    Oh, my. o.o


    Just. Wow. 0.0 Do you have any idea how fabulous and original and amazing this is? o.0 There’s… Just… It’s such a different world than anything I’ve ever seen before in a book, but it has it’s own logic and flow to it that’s just right. And it has this shivery feel that… Aaah.

    I mean. Really. Octopus people? Shining clouds? Flying sirens? BODY-SNATCHING DRYADS? O.O

    I don’t know how you do it, Natasha. xP

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    • Eee, thank you! Really, all that happened for this idea to start was a frustrated night of venting about my lack of ideas, and it being raining outside, and the sentence, “The night sky rained light” popped into my brain, and I connected it to my idea of a futuristic fantasy, and then the world started coming together! There’s been much frustration sometimes, but still! It makes me so happy to hear how enthusiastic you are about this! 😊


      • FaithSong says:

        You make me hopeful about my frustrated venting. xD

        I am so enthusiastic. ^-^ I don’t think I have ever seen a more interesting storyworld, published or otherwise.

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      • Haha, frustrated venting is good for you! Seriously, Guardian was being such a pill! If it was a person, I would have grabbed it by the shoulders and shook it until its spit flew. xP (Might have mentally done that to Eniryt a couple times…)

        Haha, thank you! It’s a pretty crazy one, but it’s fun to work with. ^_^


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