Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Pappap,

I cherish the time I get to spend with you.  The time we’ve spent together, you telling stories, playing old tapes of you singing, going hunting, will always be some of my most treasured memories.  I’ve learned a lot from you, Pappap.  The things you’ve taught me I will carry with me for the rest of my live.

Love, Natasha.

Dear Papa,

Your smile and your laugh are contagious.  You have so many amazing stories I can barely remember them all, so I listen to you tell them over and over again.  You’re inspiring and brave and adventurous, and I love you very much.


Dear Daddy,

I can never be grateful enough that God picked you to be my daddy.  You have been an amazing father for me.  You’ve taught me to take care of those I love.  You’ve taught me to be protective.  You’ve taught me to have a good work ethic.  You’ve taught me how to be confident, to have a quiet strength.  But more than all that, you’ve taught me to seek God no matter what, and that’s the most important thing I’ve learned from you.  I love you, Daddy.  I will always be your little girl.