Blogging is bugging me.

I was working on my Writerly Resource Page, and I was reading some posts on blogging.  They’re filled with good advice, like how to write posts and get follows and comments.  You’ll see them when I post the new page.  But I just kept thinking…

So much marketing.

It’s a dreaded word among writerly circles, a necessary evil.  I know that when I get close to publishing my book, I’m going to have to start marketing in earnest, but let’s not think about that at the moment.  I don’t need the headache.

I’m thinking more about blogging as a whole.  There is so much out there on how to market one’s blog, that it gets tiring.  Follow other people’s blogs, and they’ll follow yours.  Comment on other people’s posts, and they’ll comment on yours.  So much give and take, so much self-promotion.  A lot of times, it seems nothing short of selfish.

I’ll be the first to admit that one of my primary reasons for blogging is so I could start building a platform for my novel.  Someday, when I make it far enough in my writing career to finish a book, I want to have people as excited about my work as I am, waiting for the release date when they can get their copy.  After all, when you’ve poured yourself into one project for so long, why wouldn’t you want to share in the excitement?

That wasn’t my only reason, though.  When I started blogging, I wanted to have a place to connect with fellow writers, people who know what it feels like to have characters swarming in their brains, to fashion worlds with their minds, bang their heads against the keyboard when words just won’t come.

Of course, to have that interaction, I have to have comments.

And according to the experts, to have comments, you have to comment on other people’s blogs.

Now, it’s not that I don’t want to comment on other peoples blogs, because I do.  I just don’t always remember to.  That and when I go to my Reader, the vast number of new posts gets overwhelming.  The WordPress mobile app doesn’t help much.  I still get overwhelmed, and I still don’t comment.  Sometimes I don’t have anything to say, so I like the post and go on my way.  Other times the post is from a Blogger site, which doesn’t work well with the WordPress app, so I can’t.  (So to all my Blogger-using writerly friends out there, I’m sorry!  I haven’t forgotten you!  And to my fellow WordPress-users, I’m sorry, and I don’t have any excuse for your neglect.  I apologize most sincerely.)

My technological commenting issues aside, I’m trying to look at the give-and-take dynamic of blogging from a different perspective.  It’s woefully presumptuous for me to expect people to come flocking to my blog when I don’t spend much time on theirs.  What makes my blog and my content so special that I think I don’t have to work for that interaction just like they do?

Maybe it’s a trivial shift in mindset.  After all, I’d be doing the same thing.  The only thing I’m changing is my attitude about it.

All that being said, in full awareness that I’m asking for comments, I would love to hear what you think about this musing of mine, your thoughts on blogging, the comments, the whole dynamic of it.  After all, it takes interaction to build a community. 🙂

Tally ho! ~Natasha.


Designing a Resource Page

I’ve been mulling over things for a while, and as far as writing blogs go, mine isn’t much help.  Most of the other writing blogs I follow have good advice on writing.  Thing is, those people are a lot farther down the road than I am.  They have the advantage of experience I don’t have.

In spite of that, I don’t want my blog to be useless to you lot. That’s why I’ve designed a Writerly Resource Page.  In the past, I’ve spent hours scouring as many blogs as I knew of, looking for answers to writing questions I had, and not always finding them. I couldn’t help but think that if all those resources had been in one place, it would have saved me a lot of time, even if I hadn’t been able to find what I needed.

That’s what I’ve made.  I’ve created a page filled with links to posts that could help with various writerly problems.  Plotting, character development, coming up with character names, worldbuilding, writer’s block, editing, query letters, getting published, and loads of other topics I can’t think of right now.

At least, it will be filled with resources farther down the road.  Right now, I have a few posts on a few topics, but it still isn’t much.  That’s why I need help.  I’m just one person and can’t think of everything that needs to be thought of or find all the useful posts I could include.

So please, feel free to start filling up the comments with as many resources as you know of!  Don’t worry about self-promo; I know you all have lots of wonderful, helpful posts about writing problems, and I would love to include your work!

Tally ho! ~Natasha.

Happy Mothers Day!

I love Mother’s Day.  Every year for the past few years, my mother, grandmother (Grammy) and I have gone to Harrisburg every year for the past few years for the CHAP Homeschool Convention, since it’s always been on Mother’s Day, and has been a wonderful time every year.  Unfortunately, it was scheduled for a week later this year.  Then again, I didn’t have a blog this time last year, so I thought I’d do something different for them this year.


me and meemaw

Me and Meemaw


Dear Meemaw,

You are one of the most beautiful people I know.  All the time I get to spend with you is a gift.  Whenever I’m with you, I’m struck by how much you ooze Christ’s love, even on those days when things are so crazy you want to pull your hair out.  You’re both gentle and firm at the same time.  I’m blessed to have a Meemaw like you.

Love, Natasha.



Dear Grammy,

Apart from Mom, you were the first person that held me.  You’ve been with me and praying for me from the start, laughing with me and giving me advice for years.  You’re one of the coolest grandmothers around — after all, I don’t know anyone else who has a grandmother that’ll fangirl over their favorite authors and artists with them.  😛  I know I wouldn’t be where I am as a person if it wasn’t for you; you’ve poured so much time and love into me.  I will never be able to thank you enough.

Love, Natasha.

Precious and Me.JPG

Precious and Me

Dear Mom (a.k.a. Precious),

You are amazing, the best mom ever.  I am so grateful for the relationship that we have, that is so unlike the mother-daughter relationships we see everywhere else.  You are my best friend.  Through all the moves and upheavals, our bond has gotten so tight it’s almost hard to believe.  I have no idea how either of us are going to handle my moving out. ;P  Thank you for all the time you’ve spent with me and for all the jokes and the not needing to speak proper English to be understood.

I love you, Precious!


What are some of the things you love about the mothers in your life?  Let’s take the time to celebrate all of them this Mother’s Day!